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I-Tag Ink Tag

SuperInk Ink Tag The I-Tag™ is a visually appealing and highly effective AM or RF sensor tag/benefit denial ink tag combination product. One side of the tag is virtually an ink pin, and the other side is an AM or RF sensor tag with a clutch (lock). The 2 sides are exactly the same shape and size, and thus they marry together perfectly to completely conceal the pin making it much more difficult for shoplifters to somehow cut the pin. Additionally, the two parts of the tag are perfectly symmetrical, which creates an even weight distribution when attached to clothing or any other soft goods. The even weight distribution makes it much less awkward to customers when they are looking at or trying on the merchandise. A warning is printed on the ink side of the tag to warn potential shoplifters that ink will spill onto the merchandise if they tamper with the tag. For larger volume orders, special warnings and logos can be printed instead of the standard warning. Since this product can be RF (8.2 MHz) or AM (58 KHz), it can be used in conjunction with any EAS System. Any magnetic detacher can remove this tag from merchandise at the checkout counter.

  • Color - Clear (Ink Side) / Gray (Sensor Tag Side)
  • Lock - Magnetic Clutch
  • Number of Ink Vials - 2
  • Ink Specifications - Water-Based, Non-Toxic, Non-Freezable, Non-Washable, Non-Drycleanable
  • Patented Breakage Indicator Panel - Yes
  • Frequency - RF (8.2 MHz) / AM (58 KHz)
  • Pin Style - Grooved or Smooth
  • Pin Material - Stainless Steel