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Protect clothing from shoplifters with Ink Tags

Protect Retail Apparel with our
Ink Tags

We supply superior quality Ink Tags to retailers and security distributors world wide with our patented Benefit Denial Solutions.

Popular Ink Tags

Universal Ink Tag

Protects merchandise in stand-alone or conjunction with other Electronic Article Surveillance devices.

Universal Clutch

A perfect combination or compliment to the Universal Ink Tag.

I-Tag Ink Tag

I-Tag Ink Tag

A highly effective AM or RF sensor tag, benefit denial ink tag, combination product.

SuperInk Ink Tag

SuperInk Ink Tag

Gray in color, a perfect match when used with Sensormatic Security Tags.

What Are Ink Tags?

Ink Tag Security Tag Store

Ink Tags offer retailers a very effective deterrent against shoplifting without having to invest in expensive EAS systems and deal with potential installation and maintenance issues. If a retailer already has EAS systems in their stores, they can use ink tags instead of standard security tag pins to attach Sensormatic, Checkpoint and any other type of EAS security tags to store merchandise. This sensor tag / ink tag combination creates a double measure of protection.

Ink tags are often referred to as benefit/denial products, because they do not allow shoplifters to benefit from stolen merchandise. If a shoplifter tampers with an ink tag, ink disperses onto the merchandise and permanently ruins it. The merchandise then becomes useless, as it can neither be worn nor sold.


How Do You Remove Ink Tags?

Ink Tag Detacher

The Universal Detacher can easily detach any magnetic lock (clutch) ink tag or security tag from retail merchandise. This ink tag detacher is durable and can be mounted on top of any counter surface.

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