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Universal Ink Tag

Universal Ink Tag Retailers can use the Universal Ink Tag in many ways to help deter and reduce merchandise theft. If a retailers doesn't already have EAS systems installed and doesn't have plans to install them in the future, the ink tag can be attached to merchandise using a simple clutch lock. A clutch is not a sensor tag that would trigger the alarm of an EAS system. It's simply a cost-effective locking mechanism. Our Universal Clutch, which was designed specifically for our Universal Ink Tags, is an example of a clutch. If a retailer does have EAS systems already installed, the Universal Ink Tag can be used as a double measure of protection by using it in conjunction with their existing tags.

  • The Universal Ink Tag is extremely small (41 mm (1.6") outer shell), yet the two ink vials are standard industry size
  • The ink is water based, non-flammable, non-dry cleanable, non-washable, and non-freezable
  • The Pin is made of durable stainless steel
  • This Ink Tag's design ensures that both ink vials to rest entirely against the merchandise, allowing the maximum amount of ink to spill onto the merchandise after the vials have been broken
  • The patented "Breakage Indicator Panel" makes the ink spill out in all directions, and provides a visual indication that the ink tag has been tampered with.
  • An example of the impact of the breakage panel can be seen here Removing Ink Tags